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Commercial Sanitizing

Business Offices Constantly Exposed to Germs
Did you know that your commercial property is constantly exposed to germs? There is no need to worry because Germinator Atlanta can help you maintain a healthy environment for your employees and customers. Our superior commercial sanitizing services are scientifically proven to eliminate 99.9% of harmful bacteria, including germs and viruses. Imagine the variety of germs, bacteria, or allergens that hotel rooms can have after housing hundreds of guests. At schools, there are plenty of germs on desks, chairs, and sports equipment. Sanitizing services are crucial for stopping germs and bacteria from spreading. Avoid the risk of getting bad reviews from customers by sanitizing your commercial property. "The Ozone Chamber" technology is mobile. We can come directly to your property or office, and it only takes 30-60 minutes to finish the procedure. This service can efficiently get rid of odors and leave items smelling fresh and clean. Additionally, it is 100% organic and does not have any liquid chemicals. "The GermoVac" service uses ultra-violet light to kill germs, bacteria, and allergens on contact while cleaning up any waste and debris left behind.
Our Ozone Sanitizing Truck, The Ozone Chamber The Ozone Chamber
The Germovac, Our UV-C Light Vacuum Germovac
The Shield, Our Antimicrobial Spray The Shield
"The Shield," our antimicrobial spray, helps eliminate mold and mildew. Additionally, The Shield keeps items virtually germ-free for an extended period of time, and it is safe for humans and pets. Germinator Atlanta has a safe and organic method for disinfecting any surface in your business. Our "Organic Disinfectant" is 99.9999% effective at destroying germs and bacteria, and it has been successfully used in schools, locker rooms, universities, stadiums, and many other institutions. We carefully apply our organic disinfectant by breaking it down to a micron level using atomizing technology. Furthermore, our disinfectant destroys odors caused by bacteria and helps control the growth of mold. Combined with our antimicrobial spray for extended protection, Germinator Atlanta provides the most comprehensive sanitizing service in the industry. Our sanitizing services will help create a healthier, safer, and more comfortable environment. The best thing about our services is that we come to your location whenever it is convenient for you. Germinator Atlanta is the perfect sanitizing solution for a wide variety of services, including:
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Matt L - Atlanta, GADecember 17, 2015

I used the germinator to sanitize lacrosse equipment that I have played in and haven't washed for years. The odor was horrible before going through the germinator, but after, the equipment was practically odorless. Highly recommend!!!

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